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Ruri Saionji
((Classmates: Sachiko, Sai, Toshinori, Akito, Hana, Mamoru, Shuuya, Akiko))

Ruri snuggled into her blanket some more as dreams of making money and being famous filled her mind.  Suddenly she was awakened as she was submerged in coldness almost like jumping into the freezing Pacific Ocean.

“Wakey, wakey.” Misaka, Ruri’s mom, stood there with a grin on her face holding the blankets she had pulled off her daughter’s bed.  It was a brutal reminder to Ruri that winter break was over and classes were starting again.  It wasn’t like Ruri hated school, she actually liked it truthfully, but she was going to be in a new classroom with new classmates.  It was a bit nerve racking.  The switch had to do with her class being too full and they were doing some changes meaning Ruri had to work on making new friends in this class as well.

“Jeez mom you couldn’t wake me up a little nicer?” Ruri asked annoyed.  “Well I was going to throw water on you but then I would have to dry your sheets.  This was much nicer, now hurry up and get ready before you are late for school.”

Misaka threw the blanket back at her daughter smacking her in the face.  “Just get ready twerp I got to get to work.”  Ruri sighed as she pulled herself out of her bed and prepared to get ready.

With her uniform on and herself ready for school Ruri said a quick goodbye to her mom and made a break for it.  Ruri always left five minutes later then she should and found herself always rushing.  As she reached the school gates which were pretty empty as many of the students were already in class.

A quick swing to her cubby and a little struggle with her slippers Ruri continued to her classroom sliding in right before the bell. “Morning everyone.” She said with a smile as she made her way to her desk and hung her bag.
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Ruri Saionji
08 September 2013 @ 05:09 pm
Survey 2 –

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Ruri Saionji
08 September 2013 @ 04:27 pm
Survey 1 -

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